Show me a hero! You’re not it, Kathy!

Pull in your welcome mats Urbana! Quickly!
Pull in your welcome mats, Urbana! Quickly! (Does anyone else find it curious that the Party of Lincoln!!!! is not the Party of Hoover? Or Davis or Bacon? Please don’t let it just be us who are perplexed…)

So remember last week when we had our nice little BOE meeting? The PTA Presidents exchanged contact information and one of our favorite readers told us that members of both PTAs gathered together at the end in a circle of solidarity. Who would want to ruin that!? That’s right, state delegate Kathy Afzali.


Let’s highlight a section of this letter:

The 2014 changes to Prevailing wage is impacting the entire State and you may have heard an elementary school in Frederick County must be back burnered because of significant costs increases as a result of the changes.

Have you heard?! Back burnered? Anyway, one more section please:

This Wednesday night beginning at 6:45 I will be meeting with the Urbana Elementary School PTA and explaining to them how they have been caught in the crosshairs of the law with regard to the county’s need to choose between them and Hillcrest.

So, let’s see here…a few questions? Is the Hillcrest PTA getting access to this same information? And why the hell is this the approach to solving this problem? We are not really going to advocate for lower wages in order to solve this are we?  Because there is a little bit of a problem with low wages and subsequently poverty in this country. Maybe Del. Afzali has heard of it? This post is excellent to read in its entirety. Let us highlight this one section for now:

If the minimum wage had just kept pace with inflation since 1969, it would be around $10.70 today. If it had kept up with productivity growth, it would be $18.72. Meanwhile, if it matched the wage growth of the wealthiest 1 percent, it would be $28.34.

While the value of the minimum wage has fallen — thanks largely to congressional inaction for long stretches of time — the wealthiest 1 percent are doing quite well, thank you. Their real earnings have skyrocketed 275 percent over the past 30 years.

Remember how Henry Ford made a whole business based upon paying workers who could afford his products? It has been described as the mass production of consumers. Wouldn’t we hope to pay people who work for our community enough to be participating in the local economy? Shouldn’t this be especially popular with those people who are in the same party as those who think the local economy should be based on home building?

Realizing that the directive from ALEC compels Del. Afzali to do counterintuitive things, maybe she could focus on how the economy works for working class people instead of trying to divide and conquer the PTAs to her advantage. Maybe just implore our governor to do the honorable thing, and fund the schools.

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