It is time again for our favorite part of our week. We just love our drinking games, especially when we have fun new concoctions for our readers to try. So grab your agenda and follow along. As always, this game is for giggles, not for becoming intoxicated to the point where you actually need to call Billy for a ride home.


If Billy bows to the flag at the opening of the meeting, make yourself the usual, because the name fits the behavior.

If Billy decides to once again abstain on a budget transfer shoot back the kicker, have two if he does so after a prolonged period of questioning. Because we know we want to kick something.

Time for County Executive appointments. If one of the three amigos asks any unreasonable, illogical question, shoot back an Absolut train wreck.

One of our faves, Roger Wilson, is in the house again! If Billy asks him any irrelevant questions about something he “read about in the Frederick News Post” that morning make yourself a shut the hell up.

Next up is the introduction of a bill to amend the ethics ordinance. No, it’s not just about Kirby, but his law is in there. So if he tries to derail the whole thing to get back at everyone for putting him in the poor house, have any variation of the Four Horsemen drink.

Second reading of the sewage bill. If there’s any more discussion of not going after people who rack up fines because it doesn’t make good business sense slam back a day old bath water punch!

We’ll skip ahead to public comments because we don’t want you to die. Take a sip of a last word concoction every time a good citizen gets up to speak.

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