Women for Kirby now has line of attire for mythical creatures

Fake news!
Lame! Sad!

Egad, y’all. Kirby has a shirt that looks like a Lego Friends ad for his CE campaign. It is fuchsia and has a stylized purple daisy on it, symbolizing sexism. We are super excited for the unveiling of his Men for Kirby shirt, which we guess will be blue and we hope has a Hot Wheels, or a Spiderman, or a Thor, or some other boy nonsense, instead of probably a handgun. Have a look.

This almost makes us miss his Massengil themed page.


To each her own.

FWIW, we are Women Against Kirby Delauter. But you knew that.

The breaking installment of WTF is Kirby doing: the grapevine sayeth that he needs more time to prepare an explanation containing factual information regarding his school construction claims, so that is why his hearing has been rescheduled. Does this mean he has been full of it for about a year now? See, we can be nice and pretend it’s just this one thing! Is he just making it up as he goes along? Just asking questions here…

The best thing about this is that it looks like a box of Massengil, and while on the surface making silly pink logos and Georgia O’Keefey floral stuff could seem patronizing to the ladies, that Kirby would have such interesting product connotations to market himself is somehow delightfully poetic.