Conservative Clagett, Kirby fan, candidate chock full o’ covfefe

What is Clagett playing at? Did anyone else receive his fancy “I’m a progressive” mailer and wonder which Democrats of Frederick County go into a primary election thinking to themselves when they select their At-Large Council Candidates, “I hope he supports #KirbyDelauter!” There are no such creatures, are there? If you exist, Sasquatch, please show yourself! Sometimes we are out here in Yokel land wondering what planet we are on.

Where even R U?????


Clagett has this great story about how he’s known some a them Good Ol’ Boys (never meanin’ no harm… ♫♬♬ ♫ ♬♬ ) since they were knee high to a gopher. While that’s a great tale of community ties, it does not mean that these toddlers grew up to have any sense. Or, really, that they exited their emotional toddlerhood at any point in their lives, TBH. If you have followed some of these individuals over time, their voting records, their public conduct on the podium, and in once case what one of our fans heroically referred to as what appears to be a person having “several midlife crises at once” would lead you to believe that personal loyalty trumps all common sense. Really, though, it’s just a fondness for developers that they all share a common bond over. Please check back with that prior link, as it has several resources to support our aggravation with this man that we do not have the patience to rehash today.

Are there any Kirby-friendly newspapers left in the world?

Why is the whole print world against Kirby?
Our friend over at Frederick County Fact Check alerted us to our local 1st amendment champion’s latest brush with the evil print media:

2017-04-30 (2).png
Why is everyone in the media against #kirbydelauter?
We must admit that we were on the floor LOL as we read this. If you aren’t familiar with the Woodsboro Times or the Emmitsburg News-Journal, we can tell you they are ANYTHING but left leaning. Everyone in the country knows that Kirby had a run-in with the Frederick News Post a few years back, but we could not have anticipated this break!! Seems as though the only “news” organization willing to print Kirby’s tomes is the noodlely appendage.  What a distinction it must be to be the only place willing to post Kirby’s “false claims”!

Speaking of the Frederick News Post, if you haven’t read this outgoing editorial by Patrick Pexton it is a must see.  We can’t help but wonder if Shrelauter has already contacted the new owners of the paper asking for that “fair treatment” that seems so elusive to them.




What does the fake news scandal have to do with Frederick County? Let’s put our boots on the ground and find out!


This morning The New York Times ran a story about a deplorable young man by the name of Cameron Harris. Why is he deplorable asks thee? Well, short on cash, morals, and human conscience he bought a Christian web domain and made up a bunch of stories. Most popularly he concocted a tale about some poor sap who just happened upon a bunch of ballots in some out of the way warehouse. And lo and behold these ballots were already filled out with Hillary Clinton’s name! It’s amazing to us that anyone believed this crap, but hey the guy knew his audience. According to the NYT piece, Mr. Harris would have smeared Trump if he had the chance, but of course it wasn’t as lucrative. He knew Trump supporters would just eat this up! When all was said and done the young whippersnapper made over $20,000 spreading his lies and nonsense. But hey! What’s the prob peeps? Why so uptight? According to old Cam-cam:

“Hardly anything a campaign or candidate says is completely true.”

He’s just doing as they do! So how does this story connect to  Frederick County? The path is two fold. First of all, according to the FNP, this gentleman was in the employ of our very own Delagate David “Boots on the Ground” Vogt. Who, when learned of his dishonestly, shred his badge into a million little pieces. No, no, no, Delegate Vogt will not tolerate the dishonesty!

Secondly, is this awesome connection that our great friend at Frederick County Fact Check stumbled upon:

We couldn’t think of a more appropriate employer for this young man!
Look away!

Can’t wait to find out who else he has connections to in these here parts! Stay tuned!