Is there money in the budget for a tutor?

Perhaps candidates for office should be required to pass a simple competency test on how government works before they are allowed on the ballot. That certainly would have saved us from the horror called Shrelauter!
The entity known as Shrelauter frequently displays their ignorance of basic government functions. The election of Trump has not helped matters in our neck of the woods, as it has seemed to embolden the ignorance and pettiness of these two. While we thought #KirbyDelauter reached the apex of his ignorance with his tear-drop flow chart, it appears he’s still on his ascent up the Mountain O’Stupidity.

In yesterday’s Frederick News Post there was a story about the Monocacy River management plan. Now, without any evidence mind you, we are SURE that Kirby did not read this plan. He’s been lashing out at it from the start, and it’s only in the recommendation stage. You would think from his reaction the County Executive is “land grabbing” in order to build some waterfront mansions for herself and her cronies. But, nah it’s an effort to save the Monocacy from becoming a polluted mess. From what we’ve seen, it’s mostly an effort to plant more trees.

Well, Kirby, who was once an avid opponent of Executive Orders especially when they came from Obama or had anything to do with with ethics, is all of the sudden in favor of them. Check out this quote from yesterday’s story:

“Issue the Executive Order on Monday. I’ll be waiting for the announcement. If you choose not to issue it, it tells everyone you are behind this bogus plan to strip property rights, just as you have done for over 20 years,” Delauter wrote in an email to the county executive on Saturday.

Nice guy, isn’t he? There seems to be a pattern emerging among these folks. For the better part of four years Kirby and his ilk have  been bemoaning the tyranny of the E.O. Now, that their guy is in, or when it suits their purposes, well  you know it’s all different now.


As you can imagine Jan had a reply to Kirby barking orders at her.  And man was it awesome:

“Kirby, Please stop misinforming people and do your homework,” Gardner wrote. “As I advised you previously, I do not have the authority to issue an executive order to stop the work of the River Board. The Monocacy River Scenic Advisory Board is created under state law. The Secretary of Natural Resources administers the program. Because this is a State program, I do not have any authority to stop or end the work of the River Board.”

Things rarely do with #!
Can’t you just hear the exasperation in the County Executive’s words? We cannot imagine having to put up with this on a day-to-day basis. So this guy doesn’t understand that a county official cannot disband a state mandated board? Apparently, from her quote, she’s had to tell him that on more than one occasion!  Does he understand how any of this works? Don’t answer that. His suggestion to shut down the board is also eerily similar to the Federal social media blackout that we are seeing with those agencies most aligned with the sciences. Is that what Kirby thinks he’s going to do up here? Shut down the science when he doesn’t agree with it and/or doesn’t (can’t) comprehend it? Kirby, you need to stop these knee jerk reactions to everything and learn how to do your job. If that is not a thing you can do, please step aside so someone else can run in 2018.

Kirby says what?

At the County Council meeting of April 21st Councilman Delauter once again demonstrated his talent for grandstanding with no discernible purpose. Last night his indignation was directed towards BT-15-171.

Notice the $0 the county is contributing!
Notice the $0 the county is contributing!

Kirby’s disdain for the so-called “Rain Tax” is well-known. When Bud Otis dared to take discussion of the Stormwater Management Fee off an earlier agenda, Kirby called him a tyrant and threatened him with a no-confidence vote. (I am sure Bud was shaking in his boots.)

Kirby calls Tyrant! via Frederick News Post

So one can only imagine that every time Kirby sees the word “Stormwater” some Pavlovian process must be taking place deep within that grey matter called his brain. Instead of finding out any details of what this program would accomplish or even recognize the fact that ZERO county dollars would be used for this program he asks:

“Are we going to mow people’s yards now?


I had to play the video back a couple of times to make sure I heard  correctly. Mow people’s yards?! Of course not! Even the landscaping allotted in the bill is for conservation landscaping. Conservation landscaping has nothing to do with lawn mowing . It has to do with creating an environment that benefits the waterways and wildlife of a particular area. I was able to find out exactly what it was in less than 2 seconds.

 What is Conservation Landscaping? via Montgomery County

Perhaps Kirby isn’t as good at the internet as I am.

Kirby continues to hammer away at our poor county employee Steve on the science and data and blah blah blah. But to him none of the science is true anyway so there!

But seriously, since when has our esteemed Council Man (and #1 Allen West fan) cared about scientific facts? He obviously does not believe that humans pollute the waterways. Or that the Earth is getting warmer, or that evolution exists or that gravity is a thing …

So why question a simple budget transfer that uses grant money expressly given for the purpose of improving the watershed of the Potomac? To show all of us that science is wrong and he’s right!