Time to drink: haters and boosters meet ups to recommence in Winchester Hall Tues. 8/22 at 4:30

Same batguano time, same batguano channel, folks (that’s channel 19 if you’re new here, and if so you will be able to distinguish the local boosters from the local haters right away).

The agenda looks uneventfulish, although Billy Shreve’s mulching bill is on there, so there’s still a chance for some drama. You may remember that it was drafted to benefit a guy who appeared at best ambivalent (and at worst opposed) to what Billy has devised on his behalf. If it gets ugly, drink a Dirty Rotten out of a participation trophy.

Also, Confederate Kirby is still campaigning for County Exec, so there’s guaranteed grandstanding during council member comments. If Billy is worse drink a Dirty Carnie,  and if Kirby is worse drink a Dirty South.

And remember folks, Frederick County’s best stories are about running the Rebs out of town…seems like some of our local folk are having a hard time recalling poor Ms. Barbara Fritchie’s old gray head.

We cannot believe you are making us interrupt her resting in peace again.