Special Council Bulletin: Marathon Meeting Madness Warning

We are looking at the agenda for tonight’s meeting and thinking that there’s a lot to cover, possibly due to the cancelation last week. Budget Adjustments get the party started, as is the custom. The fact that Billy is not available to dork around in a petulant manner at this point is cause for a swig of Barefoot Bubbly. The fact that we are scared that Phil Dacey is willing and able to fill that role makes us wonder if we won’t need something harder for these things in the future.

Other matters for the meeting include appointment confirmations, Monocacy River Plan Presentation, Maryland General Assembly Legislative Items. After the break there will be some bills for public hearing. Here they are (if you use the link above for the agenda then the links to the bills there will be active).

We kind of miss the games, but this Council offers more dignity than we are accustomed to. The rules for this meeting are simple: take a gulp of that cheap bubbly every time Phil reminds you of Billy in a suit.

2 thoughts on “Special Council Bulletin: Marathon Meeting Madness Warning

  1. The local yokel has been sadly missed for several weeks. My moral compass is once again set to a higher authority. I dare not sat too much during this flash of false spring like weather. I was reminded of the damage done by the 4 years Blaine Y. BoCC rubber stamping any requested rezonings . That is why Urbana, Oakdale and Linganore HS feeder schools are being split right down the middle w/Green Valley sending students to both Irbana & Oakdale HS. The future of our community and the future of our children looks dark and gloomy. Areas north ofFrederick City were equallyscrewed. Thank Billy, Kirby, and he who produced that famous FACT Letter, Paul Smithforcreating this schoolover crowding mess. Centreville ES opened w/more portables than I have phalanges on both hands. Out of county developers loved Blaine’s gang. Why do theynolongerhdanycounty or state elected office today?
    Did they fool us once or fool us twice?


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