This Bud’s for developers?


We are pretty exhausted by all the national news right now,  but it is important to remember our local elections will be here before you know it. It is a great idea to know a candidates potential motivation for how he/she might vote. Donation reports are a great weather vane for that. So, just keep in mind who might be more sympathetic to developer interests when voting on issues regarding school construction fees and zoning changes.

A picture paints 1000 words, but does anyone need 1000 to understand this?

2 thoughts on “This Bud’s for developers?

  1. I think you cannot judge a candidate simply based on one contribution from a developer. Development has to continue because when growth stops decay begins. Personally, as much as I’ve agreed in the past about the overgrowth, lack of infrastructure, and tax & zoning burdens, Bud has been a positive fulcrum on the present CC. While others has been obstructionists, Bud has stayed true to being independent on issues, and a true partner if you think that the present CC has accomplished any good this term. Bud has been the pivotal vote to forward these goals ahead and, have guided them to their accomplished ending. If he was only party oriented, think of what would have happened and where we would be if he was only party oriented like 3 members who are no longer on the ballot. Bud is running as an independent. I know he’s worked hard to bring all parties together on the school mitigation fee. It takes $ to run for office. If you have evidence that he has done or promised Jeff Tech anything for the $, you show us. Otherwise, this is just an unsubstantiated accusation. I am voting for him because of the job he done. He shows true prowess in legislation and, a distnguished himself as a leader. Just one man’s opinion.


  2. There was no accusation and it is totally substantiated. If anything, it’s a substantiated implication. Overall? If we’re being honest? It’s a pretty dispassionate factual accounting. If it doesn’t reflect well on him then maybe he shouldn’t accept their money.


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