Billy laughs at violence; abhors free press–the sequel!

Why do our conservative council members have such an issue with The First Amendment? Probably no one needs this recap, but #KirbyDelauter is a minor celebrity for threatening to sue a reporter for using his name–as a public figure–in the newspaper without permission. Not to be outdone, his co-moron will not shut up on his Twitter. Much like the leader of their cult of crass stupidity. Et, voila…

GAH! These people are horrid.

We have noted ourselves that they act like they are in high school and everything is a game of dominance. It’s like those who peaked in high school (if at all) keep trying to turn Frederick County into their high school drama. Josh Barro of Business Insider tackles this subject quite well.

[their]..ideal of masculinity that might be imagined by a socially maladjusted 15-year-old and tolerating in our political leaders the sort of behavior that a guidance counselor would never accept.


Drawing it out with an apt analogy about BIG CAVEMAN STEAL UR LUNCH MONEY (a nod to Laura Ingraham’s dismissive Tweet on the subject) so long as you aren’t the Sad! Loser! whose money was taken. These people, Billy, Trump, Laura Ingraham, anyone who thinks like this: they are what’s wrong with America. Get your act together and grow up. All of you.

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