The sky is going to crush us: Your June 6th county council drinking game.

We are all going to have huge bumps on our heads soon!


After a very busy May, we are ready for the calmer meetings of summer. At least as calm as things can get around these here parts. Go ahead and grab your agenda, crank up your A/C and turn on your FCGTV connection! As always, remember this game is for giggles, we don’t want anyone to sizzle their liver!

14 budget adjustments on the docket!! That’s right 14! If Shrelauter should choose to pull one or two away (of course they won’t touch the ones from the Sheriff’s department), mix yourself up 14 ounces of a Moscow Mule.

Maryland Association of Counties is coming in for a nice update and then we are off to approving the budget for FCC. Last year, Billy and Kirby tried to convince the President of this fine institution that she should start outsourcing jobs in order to save some cash. She stood strong against the two nincompoops, as she is a smart lady and knows what kind of society we would be living in if everyone were to be outsourced to part-time pay with no benefits. If they decide to beat this dead horse for yet another year, shoot down a nice cool Horse’s Neck with a Kick.

Ten County Executive appointments and then we have two public hearings. One concerns St. John’s School and the other Water and Sewer amendments. Kirby usually has a word or two about water and sewer (stop chuckling people!) and we expect nothing less since he’s on a mission to grandstand in order to further his bid for County Executive. When he has “more of a comment, then a question”, shoot down a row of Bull Shits.

Probably not Bonkers! But it does have his name on it.

In the section with the three First Readings, we see something very curious. There is a bill with Billy’s name on it!!! Can y’all believe it? What’s it about? Well, here’s the let down. He wants to change the law so that one business out in New Market can make mulch on a piece of property that they were told to stop doing that on. So yeah, wide reaching legislation for the benefit of one business, but we have to take what we can get! So Champipples all around!

There’s a break until 7:00 and then two public hearings on Zoning Map Amendments and Moderately Priced Dwelling Units.  Council Member comments will probably be a scene, so we’ll suggest you grab some Gatorade to get those electrolytes back in order!

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