Hide your kids! Hide your wife! They’re amending everything up in here!

Sorry!!! There are many more amendments to the budget that we have to sit through!


ICYMI Danielle Gaines left us a gift earlier this week. It’s a complete list of all of Tony and Kirby’s amendments. If you remember from our post earlier in the week, Tony was only able to get through 10 of his proposed changes (all shot down), before the council had to move to the public hearings that were on the agenda. Therefore, this Tuesday, the council will decide what to do with the rest of this mess list. Let’s highlight what changes Kirby would like to see made to the budget first.

We need to put these books on Kirby and Billy’s reading list!

Kirby has close to 30 budget amendments. On his chopping block are funding to the County Executive’s Office, Line Highway Operations, Environmental Sustainability, Office of Economic Development, Permitting and Inspectors, and the department of Planning and Developing! He also wants to cut $808,816 from our public libraries!!! The Severe Weather Contingency fund gets chopped down by $200,000, he removes the entire county workforce allotment and there are 3 separate amendments to strip the Family Partnership of money. He doesn’t want the Solid Waste department to replace their old tub grinder or get a new UTV. He removes $50,000 from the Frederick Arts Council and totally eliminates funding for a Maryland Ensemble Theater (MET) partnership with Waverly and Hillcrest Elementary Schools. What’s most curious of all is that he wants to totally remove the $100,000 allotted for Thurmont to put a sidewalk on the south side of Moser Road!!! In his own district!

Kirby once again exhibits his ignorance of the county charter. His last two amendments add money to Fire and Rescue (which he cut by $521,000 in another amendment) and FCPS (so he can soapbox that he tried to increase FCPS’ budget). What’s the prob you may be asking? Well this:

2017-05-06 (2)

Tony still has some amendments left. He wants to eliminate Community Partnership Grants and he doesn’t want Animal Control to hire any new people. More with less people! He’s not quite as big a scrooge when it comes to The Frederick Arts Council as he only wants to cut $10,000 of their budget. Man, Tony and Kirby make quite the budget cutting team!


We are sure that we don’t have to lecture you, gentle readers, of the importance of the arts, libraries, animal control and sidewalks. It does seem as though some of our council members sure need one though. Maybe if they engaged in more stimulating activities than hanging out in bars and growing their beards out we could get through to them. However, it seems the only way we are ever going to see some change around here is in 2018.

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