#Adaywithoutanincompoop-It’s poll time!

In case you haven’t heard, today was a day without an immigrant. Immigrants from all over the country stayed home from work and school to show us what the country would look like without their contributions. The FNP did a story about Sardis, an immigrant-owned local restaurant, who in a show of solidarity, closed their doors for the day. This day was in reaction to Donald Trump’s travel ban, which is  thankfully on it’s way to the shredder thanks to the one branch of our government that is still functioning properly.

As our faithful readers know, we like to keep an eye on what our local politicians are up to. What do you think our esteemed At-Large (but not in the right sense of the word) Billy Shreve has to say about shining the light on the contributions of immigrants in our society? You can be sure it ain’t good!

Look at who likey liked! And didn’t Billy say we were closed for business in Frederick County?
Music to our ears!

We need to have a Day Without a Nincompoop! With all the horrible national news, we really need a break from our local circus show for just one day! Let’s make it happen! Which one of these destinations should we send our local noise makers to so we can have a day of peace?

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