Dissection of a Facebook post–Let’s all help Kirby out!

We are so NOT in the mood for something like this today. But, as it has become all too obvious this past week, we have to deal with what we are given, not what we wished for. Case in point, our exalted 5th District Council Member is so professionally voicing his opposition to an already passed resolution.….on Facebook.  Let’s begin first with the big reveal:

La la la! I can't hear you Kirby!
La la la! I can’t hear you Kirby!

We are not feeling very generous, but we are going to help Kirby out anyway. Let’s dissect his commentary to see if we can accomplish some good, long lasting understanding of this issue. Let’s start at the beginning where Kirby so eloquently wrote this:

“Perfect example of someone looking for something to do rather than looking to do something….”  Maybe, just maybe Kirby didn’t read (baa haa haa of course he didn’t!) the task force resolutions. Because, if he could have been bothered, he would have found that this falls squarely in the looking to do something  category. Take a gander Mr. #:



Huh! Seems like a very reasonable and concise explanation! And let’s  not forget all the speakers from various agencies and  members of the community that voiced their support for this! You know the public Kirby was elected to serve. It’s all fine and good that the High Sheriff and State’s attorney have their opinion, however, they did not address any of the concerns listed above in their rebuttals! This is a worldwide, pervasive problem that needs to be brought to light! Why in the hell would one be against this?!

Next up on the above PSA: “Chuck and Charlie, step aside, 16 people with no experience coming off their living room couch are going to show you how its done.” BAM! Take that you non experienced couch potatoes. Who is on the task force anyway?

Just look at that uneducated bunch of buffoons...wait a minute.
Just look at that uneducated bunch of buffoons…wait a minute.

So the Frederick Police Department knows nothing about law enforcement? Good to know! Wonder if you’ve let Chief Hargis know how you feel about him and  his department, CM Delauter. Because the Chief really wants this task force, he thinks it would do a lot of good in combating this problem. And guess what else Genius # The First?! This isn’t just a law enforcement issue! And if you can’t see why that is, how bringing people from various agencies to the table might  be  helpful, then we truly cannot help you.

Wow Kirby, we didn’t think it was possible for you to insult so many people in one Facebook post.Well Done Sir! Well Done! Sigh.

Not Ever Again!
Not Ever Again!

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