Little Lucy has some things to say...
Little Lucy has some things to say…

The Ole Yokel inbox was afire over a certain council member’s outrage over being asked to hand over his cell phone at meetings. It started off like this:

2016-07-22 (1)

And continued along these lines:


2016-07-22 (2)


Has our elite education failed us?  All of us here at the Yokel took political science and not one of us remembers being asked to keep your face out of your cell phone during a meeting a tenet of socialism. And if he likes to hear from the public, then what about us? If Bob Miller gets your number #, what about your Lady Yokels? We want to text you during meetings as well! What say you #kirbydelauter? Email us at We promise to keep it to ourselves.

We can be helpful!
We can be helpful!