2016 Summer Reading List

School will soon be back in session and your thoughts are surely turning to how to fill the rest of your free time while your kids are in their last summer camps and what am I going good to do with all these kids all the rest of our free time???

Never fear, your Yokels have some great titles to help keep you occupied while you sit poolside,  beach side or anywhere else you might find yourself for what is left of this summer.

We are going to start with our recommendations from last summer. Gosh darn it, they are STILL relevant.  But don’t worry, if you aren’t new here and read all the selections from last summer, we have new riveting titles as well.


Coming soon or whenever the council approves the historical designation.
Coming soon or whenever the council approves the historical designation. We know we said this last summer. We appreciate your patience. This one may never make it to print.








New for this summer:



No shame
Coffee table edition
How to Communicate with Someone Whose Cell Phone Has Been Confiscated



Billy, please, please, read this. We know you’ll have to ask for help finding it. Numbers are hard and that Dewey Decimal system is hard!






Don’t forget to check out our wonderful local bookstore the Curious Iguana to find all your summer reading needs.

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