Kirby and Billy can you help?


Dear friends, we have noticed a petition circulating on Facebook whose subject is yet another wedding venue with zoning woes.  We are very surprised that we have heard nothing about the issues facing this vendor at any recent council meetings.

Here is the petition

We are going to admit that when reading this we had a few thoughts about why Shrelauter hasn’t brought this to the council’s attention. Keep in mind these are just guesses and as far as we know they are not facts.

  • Complaining neighbors are friends with # and/or Billy
  • Owners of said venue are not registered Republicans
  • Maybe Billy and Kirby just aren’t aware of this issue

We really don’t know much about this whole thing, but it seems unusual that they haven’t brought this up as a shining example of how the county is closed for business. Seeing as how #Kirby has been actively advocating that businesses sue the county for unfair treatment this silence is puzzling. Of course, it seems like this issue predates the charter government so perhaps that is the real issue. Or is this a real issue and they are only the champions of the lost cause? Enquiring minds want to know.