Governing in contradictions: Councilman #kirbydelauter edition….

Back in 2014 we saw a lot of these signs floating around:


We giggled because, well, it’s a pretty dumb slogan. However, we did think it probably had something to do with #kirbydelauter’s low cost bargain government philosophy. So we were a tad confused upon reading this section of the Political Notes in the FNP:

Frederick County Councilman Kirby Delauter encouraged a local business to file a lawsuit against the county — and he volunteered to testify against the county if a case is filed.

Delauter (R) sent an email Thursday morning to other council members, the media and J&J Trash Service.

The message was addressed to a J&J staff member.

The trash company, you’ll remember, is at the center of a debate over the county officials’ interpretation of “out-of-county” trash. The company has been told that certain truckloads it wishes to dump through the county’s landfill and transfer center are prohibited.

The council discussed the issue at a meeting last month, but didn’t resolve anything.

The county interprets the loads — surplus government furniture or parts of surplus government furniture processed by a second company — as out-of-county waste, believing it is originally brought in as potential refuse.

Delauter said he agrees with the businesses that the furniture is brought into the county under the premise that it is a purchased product and not waste.

On Thursday, Delauter said any effort at changing the county’s position through legislation may be futile since it is an issue of interpretation.

“I would say your only recourse is to sue for damages. … Good luck, I hope you win a big payday from the taxpayers since they elected people who can’t stand up for what is right and just. Let me know if you need me to testify on your behalf,” Delauter wrote to J&J.


So instead of writing the necessary legislation to correct this problem (if there is a problem), Kirby instead encourages this business to sue the county. Not only sue, but sends out good wishes for a huge payout!? Where is our steward of our precious tax dollars today?!  It must be dependent on who he’s mad at that day. Not sure how this all fits in for him running for County Executive in a few years. It’s an interesting strategy, that much is for sure!

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