County Council Drinking Game: it’s only Tuesday! edition

Gracious, y’all. Nothing like summer to make a random Tuesday sneak up on ya. We just about left you with nothing to drink this evening.

Yes, it’s a random Tuesday, and that normally means there’s some council stuff to attend to. For the most part the meeting doesn’t look too complicated. Barring that one sticky, sure-fire, hot button issue. Have you guessed it already?

First things first, though. If the Early Bird Special public comments section is all <<crickets>> mix up a Classy Cricket. We do think it’s probably a good idea to class it up early, because later is coming…

There’s some regular old budget transfers (Billy’s gonna abstain. Why bother even pretending he will do his job?).

There’s an opportunity for some grandstanding, since they need to pass FCC’s budget. If Billy, Kirby or Tony climb up on their soapbox, sip a clean martini. If all 3 of them chime in, slam the thing and steel yourself for the talk of…

Wait, wait not yet. Gotta get through appointments to the Board of Appeals.

Then it’s time to tango, because guess what folks, you know there’s some ethical stuff on the agenda (Review of the Selection Process, and confirmations) this evening and we are familiar by now with the Pavlovian response one #kirbydelauter has to this topic. If he throws a hissy fit. Why are we starting this sentence in a conditional construction? When he throws a hissy fit, we suggest a Murphy’s Law.

There’s more on the agenda folks. Some reappointments to numerous commissions, council information at the first reading of a bill to extend the option to pay a fee in lieu of building affordable housing units, and a public hearing about the Agricultural Rights Transfer Option (ARTO), but if we drink our way through all of these, you’ll have to call Billy for help, and nobody wants to see that happen! Remember, always drink through council meetings responsibly. Frederick County politics can kill ya!




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