Is our Billy learning? naw.

This was a quick one, and mercifully there is no drama to report back on. Assistant County Attorney Kathy Mitchell presented a summary of the APFO bill to extend the provisions beyond the current sunset date of July 20, 2016.

We are noticing a pattern that we find kind of humorous. Billy doesn’t read anything, of course. That’s what workshops are for. Avoiding the homework. He didn’t read the APFO legislation, and certainly not the Aurora contract (which comes up in the new business). He just asks the same questions multiple times and then announces, “Exactly,” in affirmation that the person enduring this does indeed know what they are talking about. As though he has done some honorable service by elucidating the matter with his perverted version of Socratic method.

Lookin' sharp!
Lookin’ sharp!

New Business was fun. If you enjoy a Joseph Heller novel, definitely watch the New Business item of “How are we supposed to add a new business item?” Billy comes up with a bunch of reasons to have a workshop, which is no surprise, and they pass sorta unanimously with 5 ayes and 2 yeses. We would like to suggest that Billy and Kirby go with yeah and naw instead of yea and nea, as is befitting of their dignity.

MC Keegan-Ayer is at one point compelled to explain the branches of local government and how they function to the ever curious former county commissioner.  Here’s some School House Rock that could help a Billy out.

Also there’s a good part where Billy inadvertently explains the problems that can occur with impermeable surface construction, but of course he has no idea that he did that. He is truly a marvel of Frederick County politics.

Oh, no snark here: Jerry Donald wants a workshop on what to do with blighted properties. Sounds like a plan.

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