Show the love; share the love

Hey y’all there’s an online thingamabobber created by a friendly Frederick County resident, and we wanted to be sure to give a shout out for her willingness to iron out all these details for the student athletes. So many thanks to–well you can see who she is as the event host since we didn’t ask if it was okay to gush over her first, but she’s done good!!! We really appreciate her initiative, hosting this event on Facebook to raise money for the Catoctin High School Sports Boosters, and the launching of a GoFundMe campaign.

If you prefer the traditional way of making a donation through the mail, checks can be made to:

CHS Sports Boosters
14745 Sabillasville Road
Thurmont, MD 21758.
If you want you can put “In It Together” on the memo line.

Check's in the mail!
Check’s in the mail!

We love you, Frederick County! Also, please do remember that there are other programs and other schools where funds may also be needed. They didn’t get their request for help scribbled on and shared all over the place with a rehashed hashtag, so consider donating to them as well. If anyone has event details, please comment on Facebook so they may be noticed.

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