Aldermen don’t play that.

After last week’s very contentious county council meetings we were very reluctant to turn on tonight’s joint county/city meeting. What if the yelling starts again? What if Kirby cusses at our BFF Bud again? What if our  county is sucked down a shame vortex never to emerge again?

Alas, we could not help ourselves and clicked on the FGTV link. And guess what? We discovered the key to returning civility to the Frederick County Council…have these guys there:

Out of order? Cussing? Bad behavior? These homies don't play that!
Out of order? Cussing? Bad behavior? These homies don’t play that!

That’s right! When these guys are spread out among the council, surprise, surprise civility reigns!

You've got to keep them separated!
You’ve got to keep them separated!

We were able to sit through an entire meeting with almost no antics! And we learned a lot about the new proposed hotel and conference center. The governor recently rejected helping to fund this project, but they will try again next legislative session. If all goes well we may have ourselves a nice little hotel, conference center and roof top lounge come 2018. Nice!

So, our more astute readers probably noticed the word almost in the above paragraph. Well, even though we had a nice meeting we cannot expect perfection. There were two public commenters. And both of them suggested that the county council work together. Our second commenter, a nice young fella, made the understatement of the year by saying that there was a slight perception that there was some contention on the council. But the point was made and well taken! Except for Kirby who was too busy scrolling on his phone:

Kirby! Damnit!
Kirby! Damnit!

We will not let him kill this good feeling though! Tonight was a good night citizens of Frederick County! A good night indeed. So how can we can convince the aldermen of Frederick City to start attending council meetings?

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