This Bud’s for the people!

Great Falcon-Headed Horus!

Are we still talking about this (it's never going to end, is it)?
Are we still talking about this (it’s never going to end, is it)?

At this point it feels like we’re beating a dead horse with all the coverage of our new favorite band, Bud and the Democrats, as they rock out on their Government of, by and for the People Tour. Since the FNP is covering it today, when in Rome and all that jazz.

Bud Otis’s predilection for distancing himself from a few lippy jerks is not the same thing as distancing himself from the entire local Republican party, but some of the people interviewed for this article aren’t getting that point. County Executive Jan Gardner got elected with the support of a group called Republicans for Jan Gardner, proving the County Council President who ran for an At-Large seat’s voting habits may align with a number of other Republicans in Frederick County. Beyond that, to have won an At-Large seat indicates that Mr. Otis appealed to and represents some Democrats as well.

With any luck they will pay no mind, and the remaining at large council seat will allow the band to take in new members in the next election cycle.

Saying it again for the sake of an engaged electorate, if you like your Bud, email him and let him know! You can find his county council page here, links to email in the sidebar.

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