No holes barred!

Oh, Delegate Afzali, thank you for e-mailing on cough syrup. We think you sound like the gin-soaked Dame Peggington Noonington that Wonkette is always lambasting. And also thank you to the Friend of Local Yokel who alerted us to her no-holes-barred approach to communicating with her constituents. “What is this kink?” you may ask. Yikes. Scrub the brain. Drink more Ny-Quil. Whatever it takes to erase that thought.

Afzali gets a very low score on the Tomatometer, if you ask us.
It is full of partisan writhing and hand wringing. Example: pretending that Hough didn’t try to hijack the ethics bill process at the last minute for his own theatrics, and smearing Jan Gardner with that silliness. And darn that partisan Jessica Fitzwater who doesn’t think that conservatives are concerned about sexual slavery. This whole tome has the ring of a gossip column. Are we reading an update from a Maryland Delegate or Page 6 of the New York Post?

Now, shush people, Kathy doesn’t want to say this too loudly, but did ya know that Mike Miller and Ron Young are epic frenemies? According to Delegate Afzali, the two gentlemen do not care much for each other, but that did not stop Mr. Miller from putting over $16 million in Ron’s coffers  a fund for the downtown conference center. Funny how those things work, isn’t it?

She also wants us to know that ALL the Democrats down in the state capitol have become absolutely unhinged over Trump’s election. They are also being big giant meanies to Governor Hogan, especially that Brian Frosh.  Power-hungry Frosh can now sue the Federal Government without the governor’s approval. Only a majority of Attorney Generals in the country wield that special right!!! Quelle horror!!

Delegate Afzali writes that she hopes she doesn’t regret writing all this truth telling! We know we will never regret reading it! For this has truly been a gift for us. 





Instead of getting angry, let’s be thankful when people show us who they really are.


By now we’re sure that you’re aware of the controversy surrounding the display that the Hood College Republicans put up last week. If you haven’t seen the display, please click on over to The Frederick Extra and take a peek. Included in this display, which they entitled “Conservative Cultural Center”, there are quotes from such luminaries as Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro and Abraham Lincoln. (Side laugh: If you want to see some good stuff on how Alex Jones is trying to pretend “the guy” on his radio show is just a “character” read some of the Wonkette’s coverage of his child custody hearing.) The quotes chosen liken abortion to genocide and claim that trans people suffer from mental illness. Hood decided to leave the display up, and last night the Hood College Republicans had a forum to talk about this display.

In The Frederick Extra’s report, Hood College Republican President Chris Gardner had this to say about the display:

“We did it to make people think. Not to make people angry,” Gardner said.

That statement is at its worst disingenuous and, at its least, incredibly naive.  Most people realize that if you call a group of people mentally ill, or label a legal medical procedure genocide, thereby calling people who have had an abortion “murderers,” there isn’t much room left for discussion. Transsexuality is in and of itself is not a mental illness. Abortion was deemed legal in 1973, and we really hope that people who feel strongly about this issue have actually read through Roe v. Wade to understand how the justices came to the conclusion that they did.  To equate abortion with a genocide is both ignorant and disgusting. Studies do indicate that abortion rates are higher in the African American community. However, it is believed this is due to disparities in sex education and birth control. A discussion that IS worth having. Words matter. And the words the Hood College Republicans chose to display are certainly not conducive to generating a productive discussion.

However, instead of getting angry at these folks, let’s just appreciate the fact that they’ve shown us exactly who they are.  As the quote above states, we should always believe people when they tell us who they are. Therefore, the Hood College Republicans have gifted us with a lesson in what they believe in and how they feel about certain groups of people.  You know like when a former school board candidate’s PIA requests showed her thinking pattern, or when #kirbydelauter took his anger over the county ethics law out on a high school football team, or perhaps you prefer the time when Billy enlightened us to the reasons why he abstains. We should believe people when they show us who or what they really are.