WHUT did we just listen to?


Billy Shreve was a guest on yesterday’s Bravo and Quill show on WTHU, but isn’t it more fun to rearrange that call sign???  And he was as awful as you would expect him to be. Billy was first asked to identify the three most pressing issues facing Frederick County. Billy explains that the local concerns reflect the national ones:

  1. Safety and security- Since ISIS is bombarding Europe and American gun sales are way up we are all scared. It’s like Pavlov said. (Billy soon realizes he meant Maslow, and asked, “Pavlov was the one with the dogs, right?”)
  2. Taxes
  3.  Growth/school overcrowding

The topic of growth and school overcrowding takes up the first part of the program. Billy is asked why things aren’t planned in advance. And we are treated to an explanation that it only takes 4 months to make a house but 3 years to build a school. He pulls out his HORRIBLE suggestion–one that Dr. Alban shot down with many logical reasons last year–when he says we could just move the 5th graders to the middle school and the 8th graders to the high school. Billy also lets us know that when he was re-districted as a child it was great! He had twice as many friends then AND it was no drain on him educationally.


On to crime!!! Billy hasn’t seen any sexual trafficking. (Cough, cough!) But heroin is through the roof. It starts when people get those FREE painkillers from the doctor and then they move onto heroin. Makes us wonder what kind of health insurance Billy has! Well folks, he did his film festival last year so he knows the drugs are bad, but as to solutions? Who knows! When the talk turns to marijuana dispensaries and how they will be run he has this sage prediction:

” There will be a honeymoon, divorce and then a re-marriage”.


This however, is the most incredible thing Billy utters:

“You have to have reasons why you are against things!”

We know, friends, we know.

Towards the end of the program, Billy is asked why he abstains. And he so eloquently responds:

” So people like you ask why I do it!”

He then claims that he only abstains from the budget issues! (FALSE- We’ve seen him abstain not only from the budget adjustments, but also from approving the agenda and minutes.) He proclaims proudly that he is the only one that abstains and that it is voting! He’s showing the world that he doesn’t have enough information to vote! And MY ZEUS, people! Does he realize that he’s announcing to the world that he isn’t qualified to be a county council member?!

We end with what one of the host calls the lightning round. An issue is thrown out to which Billy has to respond quickly:

  1. Fracking ban- bad for Western Maryland. We’ll see what Governor Hogan has to say about it. UMMM, Billy…he signed it…..weeks ago.
  2. Sick leave bill- horrible for small business.
  3. Are you running for County Executive? No, he’s leaning towards District 3 State Senator. But, you know, he’s great friends with Ron. However, we are in need of some new representation there!


We know it’s a lot to process folks. There is NO way we can send this embarrassment to Annapolis to represent our fine district. NO WAY.

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