Notes from the desk of Local Yokel: Dec 1 meeting recap

If you were to be a F.L.Y. on the wall at the fredericklocalyokel last eve, this is what was getting swatted around here. We know we take a little too much care with the side show at the expense of the  sensible discussion, but other than the man whose legislation was being voted on, there was a whole lot of talk concentrated in that one arena.

Do consent agenda items usually take this long? No; but if someone in the construction bidness would  dig it, voila! This is fascinating stuff, and suddenly government is not just a thorn in your side, but something to hold and caress with tender loving care.

Billy.  Always trying to be in “Gotcha! Mode.” Also, Shreve sounds * just like GWB when he does it.

“Heh heh heh.”

How is a subdivision different than an easement? Is he for real? Oh, and he assumes King George didn’t just give us Pinecliff park. So he’s right about something! Congrats. It came about in the 70’s, apparently, and the sled run was popular back then, “When we regularly got snow in the winter.” But who cares about the environment, right?

Poor Jerry Donald. He is going to have an aneurism trying to make a grown man understand that the properties of liquid are commonly accepted.  He doesn’t teach first grade science, does he?

Kirby either has no clue or is deliberately obtuse about the concept of a grandfather clause (or perhaps didn’t read this “ACA like” legislation and will find out what’s in it after it passes…spoiler alert!). LOLs for Jerry telling Kirby he has to introduce his own legislation to make it retroactive.

Kirby: I don’t want to do anything. (Nuff said.)

Why would Kirby want all the emails? He didn’t read anything before he got here (for a duration of decades, possibly). What difference could “all the emails” possibly make?

Oh, Kirby, you should have all the email. Just read them BEFORE the meeting, mkay?

Fun fact for another #kirbydelauter talking point (people at Yale want free education): Yale is the least likely place to have angst over free education, whether you are in the science department, or not. Know why? At Yale there is 100% tuition guarantee for demonstrated need.

Cheers, Councilman Donald! Everyone does want free beer!

Let’s talk about boat ramps and rafting tours? Do you need a boat ramp to put a raft in the water? We should ask those guys who went on that whitewater adventure with the cooler full of whiskey sours during Hurricane Sandy. Does anyone know…Oh man, did we accidentally elect them to our County Council?

Tony. Tony? Tony!!! He has seen environmental science first hand and just thinks the concerns, which he finds understandable, are being overstated. (That happened! Tip of the Hat for Council Member Chmelik! Tony probably did not get invited out for Fireball shots with the friends after that.)

Tip of the hat to Council Member Chmelik.

Poor Doug Browning. (Disco Doug!) Can you guys imagine if part of your job description involved showing up on a regular basis to be publicly flogged by Billy Shreve? (NO! We are so lucky! We don’t even have to talk to him, ever, if we don’t want to!)

Council comments include a smallish Delauterburst, and Billy chastising everyone for the dysfunctionality of the council after this first year, largely caused by the fact that despite being an incumbent county office holder he (and his like-minded, similarly experienced, and comparably cranky friend) seemed the freshman. Also not helping: Billy tries to impede functioning at every opportunity. Especially if you can make the meeting drag on so long that members of the public go home/tune out.

Happy anniversary, charter government!



Water buffer zones? Not on Kirby’s incremental watch!

It’s the one year anniversary of the County Council!!!  Has it really been a whole year already? Tonight’s  anniversary meeting, friends, was….let’s say something to behold. At the very least it’s a prime example of why obtuse people who refuse to read shouldn’t have any political power. The prime offender this evening:

I'll listen to your scientific data as long as it's easy and it's not written by that socialist scum at Yale who dare to dream of free college educations.
I’ll listen to your scientific data, as long as it’s easy and it’s not written by that socialist scum at Yale who dare to dream of free college educations.

It should come as no surprise that Kirby doesn’t want to extend the water buffer zones. If you read our drinking game we practically predicted it. What was surprising was how many times your faithful yokels messaged each other with this line: “OMG, is he really this dumb? ” First off, Kirby, here’s a really easy picture to help you along your journey of figuring this whole bill out:


Kirby either didn’t read the water body buffer bill or doesn’t know what is going on. The bill applies to future properties that are going to be subdivided. Get that? Future properties. Well no, no, no, Your Govern Like A Taxpayer Today Councilman is not going to let you liberal witches tell him how close to the water he’s allowed to build his outhouse. (Just kidding…Kirby is just fine with using the yard). He starts in with some strange rant about Pinecliff Park and the pavilions and how they all need to be ripped out because that’s the only way to get clean water. And, if we are going to get clean water we better do it right. In full schoolteacher mode, Jerry Donald asks Kirby if he would like to introduce a new bill to remove all existing structures that are in the 150 foot water buffer range. To which Kirby replies, ” I don’t want to do anything.” Kirby then insists on “easy to read scientific data” that proves this buffer zone will help clean the water. Well, too bad I didn’t save the water aquifer my son made in kindergarten, because I really think that will help in this case. Because Kirby is not going to listen to any stinking report from those Commie loving Yalies or the Army Corp of Engineers (those libtards). It’s more than obvious that Kirby is on some property rights mission from Donald Trump this evening.  We would really like him to really consider what happens when property owners are allowed to do whatever the hell they want to.

No problems here!
No problems here!

Regulations exist for a reason right? If you said yes you must be one of those Democrats. And we all know what Kirby wants to do to Democrats.

Nice Councilman Delauter!
Nice, Councilman Delauter!