Shall we send the truant officer to investigate?

So Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and the League of Women Voters co-hosted a forum for the Frederick County Board of Education candidates, and guess who did not show up. Cindy Rose and April Miller.

If you aren’t familiar with LWV, you should be. They are a non-partisan group that focuses on voter education. As you can imagine a nonpartisan group focusing on voter education would be a terrifying thing for anyone to involve themselves with. Especially people who are allegedly interested in education within this community. These are the sights, sounds, and smells of people who know that they have nothing to offer that stands on any merit in the marketplace of ideas, folks.

And we weren’t previously familiar with Delta Sigma Theta, but this sounds like a great organization. College-educated women dedicated to public service with an emphasis on programs that target the African American community. So, double whammy for blowing all of these great ladies off.

More about League of Women Voters: they publish the handy dandy voter guide, and what they do to accomplish that is give a series of questions to candidates and let them respond to those questions in their very own words. Then they publish those words–just what the candidate says about his or her own self–on their website. When you visit the website, it asks for your address, and then you get to choose candidates to compare for races specific to your totally address specific voting conditions. It is super cool. It is extraordinarily helpful for local races that are not covered on CNN’s traveling circus of idiot opinions or Fox News grotesque Trump petting freakshow.

The site is called You should use it, and you should share it with your friends, far and wide. The more people who are informed and vote, the better off and healthier our democracy is. The more people who are informed and vote in our local elections, the better off and healthier our community is. PSA: Do not vote for Cindy Rose. Just don’t do it. We have an extensive body of work detailing this, and we will be happy to refer you there.

And when you get informed about the local community, one thing you definitely should not miss is that the Mayor of Ye Olde Fredericktowne and the City of Frederick have nada nothing nyet nichts to do with funding the local school system, which is called the Frederick COUNTY Public School System for one weird reason. If you plan to vote for Kim Williams, you may wish to consider waiting for the City Board of Ed race. Good luck with that, y’all.

In other local and voting matters, we have not heard about any crazy voter suppression shenanigans around here, but you should know (and again, tell all your friends, wherever they may be) that you can check your voter registration status here. For whatever it is worth, it’s a fair point to say that every vote does matter, and if it didn’t there would not be parts of the country where people are trying to make sure they make it difficult for as many individuals as they can to be heard from at the polls.

And stick with us here for one last thing. This is very important. Know it, share it: if you show up at your polling place and are told that your name is not on the rolls, demand a provisional ballot. Even if you show up at the wrong polling place, casting a provisional ballot with an affidavit is your right.

Frederick County Board of Elections Wants You!

Hello there, yokels!

We are looking at the following smorgasbord of candidates:

  • The 3 Stooges
  • two mild-mannered, possibly human people who have varying degrees of success at keeping their wacky stuff tucked in
  • a–gasp! is America ready for the most (mostly unfairly) vilified woman in America?
  • and a Democratic Socialist!!! (hey, that may not be as “Un-American” as you think; check it out whydontcha?)

Having all these nuts and a bag of chips running for president means that voter turnout is expected to be high during this election cycle. And, it better be, people. Do not drop the ball on your civic duty. 

Looks about right.
Looks about right.

The Frederick County Board of Elections is looking for election judges. This is a paid position and offers you the opportunity to help democracy in action. See how the process really works behind the scenes. No one at the yokel is affiliated with the Board of Elections, but we caught wind that they still would like to find about 100 people who can work for early voting in the primaries. You can find them on Facebook as well, and they have cool stuff going on. Like you can check out the new voting machines in a video.

Frederick County Wants You!

Oh, and guess what. The League of Women Voters has a nifty thingamobobber online where you go stick in your address and it tells you all about the candidates just especially for you. Great for the ones the news never even talks about (and seriously, your local elections are waaaay more important usually…maybe not this time, though, since nouveau Mussolini is running, and that is not good for America). The ladies’ league does not offer opinion, just what the candidates have provided about their positions. Totally check out Trump (er, um, Drumpf) , just for farts and grins.