Frederick County Board of Elections Wants You!

Hello there, yokels!

We are looking at the following smorgasbord of candidates:

  • The 3 Stooges
  • two mild-mannered, possibly human people who have varying degrees of success at keeping their wacky stuff tucked in
  • a–gasp! is America ready for the most (mostly unfairly) vilified woman in America?
  • and a Democratic Socialist!!! (hey, that may not be as “Un-American” as you think; check it out whydontcha?)

Having all these nuts and a bag of chips running for president means that voter turnout is expected to be high during this election cycle. And, it better be, people. Do not drop the ball on your civic duty. 

Looks about right.
Looks about right.

The Frederick County Board of Elections is looking for election judges. This is a paid position and offers you the opportunity to help democracy in action. See how the process really works behind the scenes. No one at the yokel is affiliated with the Board of Elections, but we caught wind that they still would like to find about 100 people who can work for early voting in the primaries. You can find them on Facebook as well, and they have cool stuff going on. Like you can check out the new voting machines in a video.

Frederick County Wants You!

Oh, and guess what. The League of Women Voters has a nifty thingamobobber online where you go stick in your address and it tells you all about the candidates just especially for you. Great for the ones the news never even talks about (and seriously, your local elections are waaaay more important usually…maybe not this time, though, since nouveau Mussolini is running, and that is not good for America). The ladies’ league does not offer opinion, just what the candidates have provided about their positions. Totally check out Trump (er, um, Drumpf) , just for farts and grins.

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