What would he say from beyond?

We keep trying to move on. Kirby is irrelevant right now, but an alert reader tipped us off to this gem idiocy.

Me thinks this is foresight of Kirby’s own epitaph.

As Elijah Cummings lies in State today we can only imagine that he wouldn’t even give two hoots about some two-bit has been’s lame tweet. What a bold statement from someone who made national news for not understanding the first amendment.

Cummings was a religious man who spoke with eloquence. We are not religious over here at the Yokel, but have a hard time understanding how anyone could think God would place Elijah Cummings in the category of a swamp member who needs to be drained. What’s that saying about God calling people home for a higher purpose? We’ll just leave you with the congressman’s own words.
You must have confidence in your competence,”… “Most people who are hating on you, they are not worried about where you are. They’re worried about where you’re going.”

Blaine’s a liar, pants on fire, nose is longer than a telephone wire

Yeah. What else is new? Blaine was on WFMD yesterday, which most of you know. You’d think under the circumstances, he’d lay a little low. He’s working on spinning his guilt in this criminal matter into some sort of public service mission to help others who have been victimized in the way that he has. Other slaves to their own lack of self-control. We’re not going to delve too deep into it. Just wanted to offer a little précis.


It was a softball interview that just gave Blaine a forum to rebrand himself, yet again. (Apparently he selected middle aged skaterboi on the Transmogrifyer dial, from the looks of him this time off the hooker-go-round.) In summary:

Feel bad for him. He came from a broken home. A guy down the street made unseemly advances toward him. This caused him to become a school yard bully so that he could get a change of venue, and abracadabra hocus pocus peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, he finds himself accidentally hunting for $60 motel massages. People are so mean! TL;DR. “It’s not my fault! I’m just here to help.”

He’s made a complete transition from john to attention whore.