Check out the brain on Billy: deploralogical edition

Ooh la la. We nearly missed this gem in the FNP, and naturally in the Best Of “Do-As-I-Say-Not-As-I-Do” Category we have a Shrelauter. Both the City of and the County of Frederick would like to limit rezoning in the “lame duck” sessions of their legislative boards. And what does Deplorable And Proud of It think of that? You’re going to be so tickled (when tickled is something like the burning itch of athete’s foot):

“Elected officials are elected for their whole four years, not three years and three months,” he said in a phone interview Wednesday. (Billy Shreve in the Frederick News Post)

Announcement: Billy is superlative. He is the actual worst.

Remember when President of the United States Barack Obama couldn’t nominate a Supreme Court Justice–even with the checks and balances of Senate confirmation–months and months before the election even happened? Way before he actually became a “lame duck?” Because it was an election year. Of course you do! We are smack in the thick of a hypocritical wasteland of dramatic irony right now, at the federal and local levels. It’s exhilaratingly stupid. And also exhausting.

Billy cannot help himself during this phone interview. If this measure passes he’s also going to suggest that county council members give up 9 months salary. You know cause there won’t be any work to do! Maybe Billy can start the trend by donating $18,750 to the Frederick County Parks and Recreation department!

We are 100% sure that this hero’s Frederick County counterpart will mirror his expression!

Oh, also, the reason our delightful County Executive suggests this measure could be worthwhile that the last BOCC hastily rammed through a bunch of zoning changes. So, there’s that. A thing that even if you didn’t know, you kind of knew, because that’s just how they rolled.

Workshop Livable Frederick: Kirby is better than Billy

Mr. Horne and friends came to visit the Council yesterday to discuss the comprehensive plan and the new approach under County Executive Jan Gardner. The plan needs revamping after changes to zoning in 2012. You may remember that a steering committee was established and the County put out a survey that solicited feedback from residents and the panel said that they felt very pleased with the rate of response and diversity of views represented in the information they have collected. This included 15,000 comments and responses to open-ended survey questions.

Good points were made, such as the need to be more proactive with planning for future growth, as we have been reactive in the past. Special concerns included anticipating a fairly dramatic increase in our aging population and preparing for future transportation policy needs.

Stupid points were made, too, and you get two guesses as to who made them. First one doesn’t count! Just as quick as they concluded, Billy had questions. His questions always seem to be of an I didn’t really understand what was going on just now, so I’m going to pick an argument over something trivial to make myself seem involved nature. Billy wants to know why the title is Livable Frederick when it is really the comprehensive plan. This went on in a hostile tone and for far longer than good manners allow. Namaste to the gentleman who seized upon the teachable analogy. Internal monologue something like:

I wonder what this guy already knows about that I can relate this concept to? Oooh. This is gonna be difficult. Not seltzer. That’s elitist like arugula. Aha! Big Gulp! He worked at 7-11. It says so in his bio. Thank goodness I did my research and knew to expect these hard hitting questions at a county workshop…

“It’s like…Coca-Cola. They don’t have to tell you it is a sweetened carbonated beverage, because people understand that.”


But, instead we have Billy.

You just made yourself look stupid!

We have no complaints about Kirby, for a change. He has to float criticism. It’s his way. But, thank goodness it was respectful and rant-free. In fact, we have been mulling over the several ways in which Kirby is actually better than Billy. For another day.