This Bud’s for developers?


We are pretty exhausted by all the national news right now,  but it is important to remember our local elections will be here before you know it. It is a great idea to know a candidates potential motivation for how he/she might vote. Donation reports are a great weather vane for that. So, just keep in mind who might be more sympathetic to developer interests when voting on issues regarding school construction fees and zoning changes.

A picture paints 1000 words, but does anyone need 1000 to understand this?

Kirby told us to follow the money…


From the #SAD teardrop flow chart to Tuesday night’s council member comments!, Kirby keeps reminding us to follow the money. He loves to throw around catchy sayings such as: “Everything’s for sale around here!” and “Gotta pay to play!” He also listed off a bunch of “suspicious” campaign donations that Jan has received. M.C. warned him that he may regret getting¬†into the game of listing off campaign donations and to that we say: Oh we hope so! Here’s a sampling of donations that Kirby has received since 2014. Feel free to explore the list yourself at Maryland’s campaign finance website.