LOL!! Is this the best you’ve got Kathy?!

Most of the time it’s kinda fun to reminisce about the past! But not in this instance. Do you remember way back in the Young BOCC days when everyone but the sane David Gray voted to pass an English Language Ordinance? You may also remember how one of the first acts the brand new county council did was to overturn this ridiculousness. Not only because it made Frederick Countians look like a bunch of back country know-nothings, but it was also totally unenforceable because both State and Federal law requires that governments translate their information for whomever may need it!! If you are new around here feel free to scroll through!

We thought all this ugly business was behind us. How naive we were! Apparently in some kind of desperate attempt to mend the broken Frederick County Republican Party, Kathy posts this:

Of course we took the poll and so should you! Be warned though, you won’t be able to see the results and she wants your email!! What a sad attempt this is to win some votes.

Seriously Kathy, is this the best idea you have? #SAD!

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