We’ve cracked the code!

The first part of the workshop was relatively calm. There was a good presentation from our fine county employees regarding the creation of a Senior Services Advisory Board. We predict this bill will get through with no problems. It only makes sense that we stay responsive to the growing needs of our rapidly growing aging community.

Next, there’s a long discussion on the upcoming Farm-based Craft Beverage Promotional Events bill. These are events that can take place at an established brewery or winery, and this bill establishes guidelines to help these types of businesses grow. Tony was on the work group and he’s got lots to say. Kirby just wants to make sure y’all know the difference between legitimate complaints and you know, people who need to keep their traps shut! Billy tries to compare this to wedding venues, but is mercifully shut down as being irrelevant to the current discussion.

Tony is going to be candid folks! He doesn’t like that the quasi-judicial planning commission members can go on Facebook AND donate to political candidates. I mean really folks, (and this is his example not ours!), when  if Tony is ever brought up on weapons charges he is going to be so dismayed if he ever finds out that the person sitting in judgment of him has donated thousands of dollars to an anti-gun organization! Can y’all just imagine the injustice!? There’s lots of free speech concerns, with Tony going back to how they are quasi judges, so there! He also wants to give specific examples! M.C. says he can’t use people’s names. He then says can he use positions, and how about he just talks until someone tells him to shut up? Bud, says that no, none of this is a good idea. So, your Lady Yokels, really want to know what the hell is this all about. First, we hop on over to the planning commission site to see who could have invoked the ire of Tony:

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 5.51.33 PM

We automatically recognize two of the names from Kirby’s failed flow chart!!!!


download (2)
We sure do!

Tony has some nerve as well, especially after all we uncovered concerning the Off-Track Betting bill! People can objectively serve on boards and have political opinions! It’s crazy and naive to think otherwise.

The last bit of the evening was unfortunately devoted to Billy. He wants to repeal part of the ethics  bill they passed in 2017 in which a nominating committee nominates people to the ethics board instead of the county executive. M.C. thinks he must be confused so she specifically asks if that’s what he wants to do. Jessica asks for his rationale, to which he replies, “The other way was better!” So, this begs the question: Which one of Billy’s cronies was denied a nomination? Since all this stuff seems to be personal to these guys.

The new business part of the evening gets testy. Tony is VERY ANGRY over the state of water and sewer amendments. Wants to know why sometimes the process works and why sometimes it doesn’t. Billy is a complete jerk in trying to demand that he be given a workshop on building costs. This was previously denied because he couldn’t prove it served a legislative purpose. He yells at Bud that he never puts anything on the agenda! And there we are folks. Three and a half more months and we will be free of the Shreve! Let the countdown begin!

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