English-only ordinance wharblgarbl

Obviously we have already made clear what our perspective is on the repeal of the English only ordinance. In a nutshell, it’s discriminatory. As such, it reflects poorly upon our community. Being a screaming baby is not actually an asset in most circumstances, and it is certainly bad public policy. Kudos to local blowhard Charles Jenkins for […]

Voice support for the repeal of Frederick County’s English-only ordinance

Send a message to your county council representatives to support the repeal of the English Only Ordinance. You can contact them all at once via email at councilmembers@frederickcountymd.gov Here’s why this makes sense: The ordinance discriminates against and marginalizes English language learners. That’s right folks, people don’t arrive with linguistic fluency on day one. They are […]

What ARE these ProEnglish people smoking?

Hands off our Bud. Stop crashing Frederick County’s party. Here we have been celebrating the newer, saner county style brought in with our reasonable and thoughtful County Council President, and these hateful creeps come in from out of town and harsh our mellow. Frederick County has plenty of trouble sticking to doing sensible stuff all by itself (and here we thought being […]

Singing the praises of our friend Bud.

Bud has had a rough couple of weeks. These ProEnglish people unleashed a very unfair and immature attack against him. And despite what Mary, Mary quite contrary may say, we don’t believe that our County Council people need “to get used” to outside groups coming in and harassing them. We also have our fellow citizens […]

Mary, Mary quite contrary

Our “favorite” public commenter Mary was back this evening! Last time she treated us to a presentation as to how Bud is a traitor and not worried about his legacy at all!! You really should see it for yourself at the FCGTV archives because WHOA NELLY this woman.  First of all she treats us to […]