Yeah, that’s not happening.



We brought you a report of the first part of last night’s meeting, but there’s no way we can sit through three hours of public hearings. We’ll point you in the right direction if you wish to keep informed.

First, for a good old chuckle, go to 4:15:08 of last night’s meeting and prepare to have an F bomb dropped on you by Tom Natelli. Accidentally of course, but still hilarious. (We did feel a little bad for him because he turned a bright shade of red and commented that he knew that was going to be played over and over again.)


Check out Stand Up Frederick’s page for posts that were made live during the meeting. And there’s also an article that ran in this morning’s Frederick News Post. 

Looks like a lot of good citizens were on hand to advocate for change. It will be awhile until all the mistakes of the Young BOCC are undone!

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