Please come to the “education townhall” devoid of ideas

Make our schools like 1950 again!

Perpetual BOE Candidate You Know Who is planning an “education townhall” on Feb 27th from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the C. Burr Artz public library. Since it’s at the library it’s required to be open to anyone who wants to attend, so please share widely. Surely it will be… uh…educational. It is worth noting that Cindy Rose filed today to run again for the Board of Education. I guess her previous losses left her wanting more of the same so let’s make sure she finally gets the message that we don’t want her on our board.

Topics to discuss are a bullet list of how to feel aggrieved. This means you are in luck if you hate those people who have a great idea that they will volunteer anyone but themselves to do the legwork on. This is an exclusive event for the airing of grievances, entirely free of action items.

– Do you or did you feel left out of your child’s education? (Would you still feel left out of it if you weren’t involved in litigation/exchanging eleventy bazillion emails with the FCPS Administration and BOE during times that other people are at PTA meetings or assisting in classrooms?)

– Are you currently disappointed in what your child is learning? Were you disappointed in what your child was learning? (Do you think it unnecessary and frightening to learn facts about things that have vast geopolitical ramifications, such as the world’s largest religion? Does learning a different way than you were taught 40 years ago frighten and disgust you?)

– Do you or did you feel you were not a partner in your child’s education? (If you did feel that you were a partner in education, on a scale of 1 to 10 how frightened were you of the school restrooms?)

Please come out and share your thoughts and concerns with local community members and education activists, whether or not you received the personalized pitchfork and tiki torch invite.

Local Yokel suggested items to discuss:

How about brainstorming on ideas that will make you a real partner in education instead of an adversary?

What can the community do to help alleviate over-testing?

What can I do to help advocate for more education budget dollars to attract and keep the best teachers in Frederick County?

How can I make sure that all kids have access to the appropriate learning level?

How can I contribute to ensuring we have adequate schools for our growing county?

If you have your own wishlist of items, please plan to attend. We’d love to hear how your feedback at the meeting is received.

Oh, please, please, question it.

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