Will your Jack O’Lanterns keep the evil spirits at bay? Not if Billy shows up to play! Welcome to your Frederick County Council meeting day!

Don’t take it too far peeps!

Tonight could be a real doozy for us! The bill that Tony wrote to replace Billy’s no good, very bad one is up for a public hearing this evening. We joked when Tony introduced it, speculating if Billy would be magnanimous when the time to discuss came around, and BAAHAAHAA!!!! who the hell are we kidding?  Tonight, we suggest that you choose your favorite Fall brew beer or pumpkin spiced spiked whatever and follow along. Don’t forget your trusty agenda, and remember to take care, because now that Billy is running for statewide office, there’s no way he’s taking your calls!

We begin, as always, with public comment, approval of the agenda, and budget adjustments. No matter what happens, just smile and nod and sip daintily from your drink of choice.

There’s one county executive appointment to approve, and then there’s a break until 7:00. When Billy throws his predictable fit about Bud not being about to look into his crystal ball to predict the length of the first half of the meeting, let’s just say this may be a good time to run to the liquor store for fortifications.

The first 1/2 of the meeting will take exactly 43 minutes and 6.4 seconds.

There are two public hearings. The first one is on recreational facilities being required to be located within the development they are meant to serve. Billy and Tony both threw fits the first time this was discussed. The second one is Tony’s wood chip bill. Just last week the Planning Commission voted against approving this bill as written. (They did suggest some amendments.) So, when things get a little cray cray, break out that beer bong from college and do whatever you need to do to feel better.

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