Who really deserves the Pinocchio nose!?

Well, well, well, do we ever have something for you today! Every week or so, we check up on our favorite local politicians’ Facebook pages to see what we can see. And boy, did we see something!

Hope on over to Kirby’s county executive page and you’ll see some fresh new “graphics”:

2017-10-17 (7)2017-10-17 (8)

Let’s just put aside the misinformation for a moment and focus on the “Pinnochio” (sp) rating at the bottom. Besides spelling the beloved character’s name all wrong, we couldn’t help but notice we’ve seen the same exact icons somewhere else. Where you ask?

How about the Washington Post Fact Check page?

2017-10-17 (9)2017-10-17 (10)

We couldn’t find Kirby giving the liberal rag any props on any of these slides. Perhaps he thought if he spelled the name wrong he was okay. Nevertheless, to rip their icon off, and so poorly we may add, shows what a second rate operation this campaign really is.

If you want to see a true situation in which a Pinocchio nose would apply take a gander at this little jewel:

2017-10-17 (2).png
Oh my! They really think they did a good job!
giphy (6).gif
That’s more like it!

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