Who is Kirby running against? Logic and common sense!

It certainly is not!

Politicians using scare tactics to secure votes certainly isn’t a new phenomenon. Kirby has lots of good company in that regard. What is a little more unusual, is getting everyone all riled up over an issue that isn’t an issue!

You may remember that just a few weeks ago there was some question as to how Kirby felt about sanctuary counties:

Screenshot (104)
This says YES to Sanctuary County!

Let’s not forget that Kirby wanted to fight fellow councilman Jerry Donald after Mr. Donald called him out on his nonsense and another private citizen posted an unflattering meme of Kirby.

This morning, FNP reporter Danielle Gaines decided to check up on Kirby’s latest press release calling on fellow council members to:

“to make a commitment to Frederick County taxpayers by pledging that they will never support policies that would make the county a ‘sanctuary county’ for illegal immigrants.”


Ms.Gaines, being the thorough reporter that she is, decided to check with his fellow council members and the county executive. The result?

Jerry Donald:

“He is the only person on the Council or in the Executive branch I have EVER heard say ANYTHING about this,” Donald said in an email. “A sanctuary county means law enforcement would not enforce the law. The laws are enforced by the Sheriff. If he’s worried about the Sheriff enforcing the law then he should talk to the Sheriff. This is an obvious ploy to stir people up.”

Jessica Fitzwater:

“It’s odd that I would hear about this from a press release when Council Member Delauter has never asked me about it himself,” Fitzwater said in an email Tuesday evening. “He had an opportunity when I saw him tonight after our meeting but he did not say a word to me.”

Bud Otis:

“[Councilman] Delauter has never approached me or discussed this matter with me at any time,” Otis wrote in an email. “We have serious matters pending before the County Council and I will not comment on what I consider a non-issue and is not before the County Council.”

M.C. Keegan-Ayre:

“Council members Donald, Fitzwater, Otis and I are busy with several legislative initiatives, but none dealing with creating a ‘sanctuary county,’” she said Tuesday.

County Executive Gardner wins the war of the words, though we do hope she isn’t giving Kirby any ideas:

“While there is no real definition of ‘sanctuary’ cities or counties, the discussion is always focused on law enforcement. In Frederick County, we have a separately elected Sheriff who is fully responsible and in charge of law enforcement,” Gardner said in an email. “Kirby either does not understand the structure of county government or has lost faith in the Sheriff’s ability to do his job. If Kirby wants to focus on immigration, he should consider running for Congress.””


Next time Kirby, try focusing on something we really need to fix!!!


3 thoughts on “Who is Kirby running against? Logic and common sense!

  1. Perhaps the reason for Kirby pushing this diversion is that most of the serious real problems that need addressing in this county stem from actions he and the majority of the Young Board of County Commissioners took between Dec. 2010 and Dec. 2014.


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