Off to a very poor start: An analysis of Kathy Afzali’s county executive website!

We know you were waiting on the edge of your seat for Delegate Kathy Afzali’s not-so-mystery announcement! Now that her county executive run is official, we had to take a little looksie at her website. Look what we found:

Final Site?

What’s even more intriguing is this statement emphasized at the very top:

Screenshot (127)
Someone needs a proof reader!


We can’t let the fertile comment go either!!! LOL!!! What are these fertile conditions?!! Please, please tell us Kathy!

We clicked on another page and got all teacher-like:

Screenshot (128)_LI

Then we got bored and couldn’t continue because this was literally going to take ALL DAY!! She’s got A LOT of work to do before we can even begin to take her campaign seriously!

3 thoughts on “Off to a very poor start: An analysis of Kathy Afzali’s county executive website!

  1. Go back to Annapolis! We, the people, don’t want anything from you! Besides Jan Gardner has shown that we already have an honest government. Run at the Federal level, you’ll fit right in with our “do nothing” GOP CONGRESS!

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  2. The only bickering in the county government are the Tony Shrevlauter part of our County Council ! The bickering in the county is caused by your GOP counterparties! Get them to shut up, and go back to being a soccer/dance Mom!


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