Someone up there is superfluous! Your 6/27 workshop roundup!

If you’ve got two hours to devote to last night’s workshop, please have at it. If not, we are here to bring y’all up to speed!

The majority of the meeting was devoted to solid waste. Mainly the subject of composting was brought up. The suggestion from the consulting company hired to help us sort out our looming solid waste problem was to make legislation requiring people to compost their food and yard waste.  This would be done slowly, with pilot programs in certain areas, before being implemented throughout the whole county. Read the story in the FNP that goes into more detail or peruse these fine slides we screenshot for you:

Screenshot (5)Screenshot (6)Screenshot (7)Screenshot (9)Screenshot (10)Screenshot (11)Screenshot (13)Screenshot (14)

The next part of the workshop was to vote on some changes to county council rules and procedures.

Things are going pretty well until we get to Billy’s two amendments. He wants this added:

To promote discussion, three (3) Council members may vote, at any time, to discuss an item with the Council. The item for discussion is not required to be in writing.

Tony goes into a separate discussion about engaging the public when they are giving comment and makes makes everyone LOL when he states:

I want to have intercourse with these people.

He quickly corrects himself and says discourse, but not before almost everyone is lost in a fit of giggles! It’s decided that it is not the best course of action to engage the public in any and every issue they may bring before the council.

His next and final amendment reads:

Council members may ask questions of any one testifying or other Council members at any time the Council is meeting as a group, including workshops, public hearings, and legislative days.

Jerry immediately asks, “Can’t we do this already?” Jessica answers, “Yes, we can.” Tony asks if this is clarifying language, to which Billy replies yes. M.C. then states that it is “superfluous” and  not needed. She adds, “To spell it out again makes us look a little silly.”

Billy’s hero!

So here we are again, watching Billy waste everyone’s time with nonsense!!! If he truly understood the charter he wouldn’t have put forth this amendment! If you didn’t hear the news, Billy told The Frederick Extra that he is going to run for Ron Young’s Maryland Senate seat.  He’s super optimistic that he will win:

Of his opposition in the primary, Shreve said his name recognition gives him an advantage.

Earlier Shreve said that as co-chair of Frederick County Republicans for Trump campaign in 2016, will serve him well in 2018 if Trump is still viewed favorably by area Republicans.

Yeah, we all recognize the name Billy, but not in the way you may want us to! ICYMI, here’s some more reasons why we shouldn’t let Mr. Shreve go to Annapolis!

Kirby’s CE campaign is also off and running. He’s got some fine shirts for little girls women, for you ladies who want to wear his name all over town.  And we are really looking forward to the day when he appears in front of the council with a snowball to show us all that climate change isn’t a real thing:

Screenshot (19)
The biggest sigh ever!!!

One thought on “Someone up there is superfluous! Your 6/27 workshop roundup!

  1. When I watched the CC meeting on 6/27/17, being as green as I can, several things came to mind about the p/u and operation involving food into the county’s recycling plan. The poor quality of the recycling crews now as they spill trash all over our neighborhood roads now ( and never p/u the mess), THE SMELL OF SAVING ROTTING FOOD FOR P/U. THE INFESTATION OF FLIES, BEES, Wasps, attracted to the smell, keeping all local wildlife from coming to your houses for dinner. Dogs, Cats, Raccoons, bringing it to 14 areas that will accept it for composting. I hope the farm behind my houses isn’t a designated composting area. What about the bacterial effect on those of us that depend on wells and groundwater. Oh boy, drinking water that tastes like old “Chef Boyardi” ravioli. Parmesian cheese please!! How about the easiest method to get rid of food. Buy what you need, and don’t waste any! Remember, there’s children starving in Montgomery County! Happy 4th


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