A full agenda+a full liquor cabinet+Kirby’s announcement for CE=better make sure your insurance is up to date!

We think Tiger’s liver may be in trouble!
This month has had no shortage of drama! ICYMI, Kirby threw his hat into the CE race last Friday! So, you can expect him to ratchet his grandstanding up a notch or a thousand! At the close of this meeting we should hopefully have new solar panel and dog tethering laws and a 2018 FY Budget! So grab your agenda and remember this is all for fun!

Public comment, agenda approval, budget adjustments and meeting minutes, it’s hard to muster up any more excitement for this third meeting of the month. Even Billy’s ever changing votes on the budget adjustments isn’t enough to enthrall us any longer. So go ahead a mix up a pitcher of your favorite kind of Sangria. That should be enough to liven things up a bit!

Onward and upwards onto two public hearings. The council will hear testimony on block grant resolutions for Public Works and Citizens Services Division. When we hear that it isn’t the role of government to do anything nice, slam back a tall glass of El Gringo Loco!

New laws on solar panels, dog tethering, zoning amendments during an election year and continuation of the payment in lieu option for moderately priced dwelling units are all on the table. If Billy should say that there shouldn’t be any laws about how people treat their animals and/or the council should give back 20% of their salary, throw back a couple of Rabid Hicks in his great honor.

Voting on the tax levy resolution and the FY 2018 budget is up next.

That ain’t good!
Words will be exchanged, especially since Kirby needs to prove himself. So maybe this would be a good time to sit back with a nice Love Cocktail and think about the good things in your life.

After the break there will be one more public hearing on the Wedgewood rezone case. And we conclude, as always, with public and council member comments. After three meetings this month, maybe it’s just best to shut off the feed and  hope that June won’t be as dramatic for the citizens of our fine county.


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