It’s Legislative Day in Olde Fredericktowne!!! Billy was extra rude at the last workshop, so we’ll see if he steps it up this week. Remember to use extreme caution when following this game, as it is only for fun. Grab the agenda and fire up your FCGTV!

One budget adjustment on the list! If your favorite non-reader suggests you go to a now defunct bookstore to get your reading materials slam back a Taming of the Shrewdriver.

Next up is putting signatures upon the Urbana re-zoning decision. Zeus have mercy! We are going to hear it! To steady your nerves fortify yourself with a Sad, Alone on a Beach.

Next up is a financial report on Citizens/Montevue. So we’ll just leave this here:

Oh the poor horses in this county!
Three first readings on the docket: Zoning Map Amendments during election years, Dog Tethering, and payment regarding Moderately Priced Dwelling Units. We know by now that first readings are only for informational purposes. It’s not the time to argue or grandstand. If our favorite “entity” forgets that mix up a pitcher of Brain Erasers. If only we could start from scratch with those two.

Two bills are on their third reading, which means it’s time for the council to vote on them.  We have General Obligation Bill Authorization and the Distillery and Brewing bill. If Billy cannot address people in a mature way,  sip on your Idiot Box while pondering the fact that this fool thinks he deserves to be our State Senator.

We go to break and reconvene at 7:00 for a public hearing.

Tony’s bill on Limited Private Event Venues is the subject for the evening.  We’ve been hearing some rumblings about this so we’ll see how it goes. But kudos for the 1/3 of the Republicans up there who actually wrote a piece of legislation.

Lastly, public and council member comments. Surely, we will be lectured about how terrible everything is. And how since we didn’t let Kirby do his unrealistic, expensive lease back idea, and as a result of not compromising with every law breaking business in the county we are all going to hell in a hand basket. Maybe Billy will even accuse a county employee of hiding something because he can’t get an advance copy (that he surely won’t read) of some plan. If these unfortunate events occur, cue up Bloodlines on Netflix so you can see that things can always get worse.