Could Shrelauter be wrong about how very terrible everything is?

No need to cough up a hairball Smuckers!

Into the Lady Yokel mailbox comes an interesting announcement. Curiously, Frederick County has retained its Triple A bond rating:

How can this be? Billy and Kirby and their birds of a feather are constantly reminding us how terrible everything is. Businesses are being run out on a rail, taxes are being spent willy nilly, back door conspiracies lurk behind every corner. We just don’t get it. I mean who are we supposed to believe?

One thought on “Could Shrelauter be wrong about how very terrible everything is?

  1. Watch the last BOCC meeting on 11/21/2014, the County had a double A bond under Blaine Young. At the end of the meeting BY pointed his finger at Jan Gardner, and said “let’s see you do that, I doubt you can!” I guess Jan Gardner
    took the challenge. She’s batting 100%! BRAVO JAN’S VICTORY!!!

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