What was that?!?!


We here at the Yokel are avid readers of the Frederick News Post. We especially look forward to Danielle Gaines’ Political Notes column, since she follows many of the same stories that we do. Today we were treated to some really astonishing things that Delegate Barrie Ciliberti actually said out loud…in front of actual human beings. Basically,he’s upset because all that “politically incorrect” talk was all fine and dandy in the mid to late 90’s. However, times have really changed and his inability to now tell his large repertoire of jokes that allegedly cross the entire ethnic spectrum have really stultified him.  We really should pay more attention to the sacrifices our delegates make for us when they enter our state capitol and have to pretend they aren’t as terrible as they really are. Here’s a news flash for you Delegate Ciliberti, you probably made a whole lot of people really uncomfortable 20 years ago. Now that they don’t have to stand for it anymore, that sir, is called progress. Be sure to also read his thoughts on lobbyists, because whoa nelly now we have to pay attention to this guy as well!

Also, included in today’s column is a story your faithful Yokel Ladies first brought to you about Kirby’s Facebook claims over meetings with M.C. Keegan-Ayre. Her response in today’s column:

“That is not what happened.”

This should make for a fun county council meeting when everyone returns in 2017!



One thought on “What was that?!?!

  1. Hey, Jerry …..”it’s really a great plot line for council meeting comedy, George, Give me an episode meeting idea. What do we write? That’s what’s so great. it is really about nothing !


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