Your 2016 Top 10 Yokel Posts!

It’s been a busy year!

Hard to believe 2016 is almost gone! John Oliver has perfectly articulated how we feel about this year.  If you haven’t seen his piece about what an abysmal year this has been,  (NSFW!) you really should. Now here’s our top 10 most read posts of 2016:

You idiots. Really. So stupid.

10. Remember when Billy so proudly bought the “Deplorable And Proud of It!” sign? If not, read all about it here. It’s nice when people see themselves for what they really are.

9. The school board race was a popular reading topic. In the ninth spot we have an Embarrassment of Riches: BOE edition. 

8. Our very own Blaine Young is featured a few times on this year’s countdown. In the #8 spot we find: What is Blaine drinking? It must be some good stuff!


7. The crazy was hanging out all over the place in: Crazy untucked: Cindy Rose edition. 

6. In this post we widened our net to talk about Governor Hogan and his State Mandate that public schools begin after Labor Day. 


5. A Yokel top ten list would not be complete without an outburst from our very own #! Last year he with held money from the Catoctin Football team because reasons. This year he took his anger out on poor innocent signs. 

4. Our posts supporting teachers always do well. At the fourth slot on our countdown is: Can’t teachers just live off their job perks? The answer, of course, is no.


3. The story that surprised/not surprised us all! Blaine Young arrested for solicitation of prostitution.  Thank goodness our fair county dodged that guy! Let’s make sure we continue to do so.

2. Our runner up once again features the issue of teachers and the BOE. This time it was: BOE to Teachers: Beatings will continue until morale improves. 

And drum roll please!!

  1. Our number one post became so popular because it was attached to the comment section of a George Takei post. It is certainly timely in our current national political climate. Planned Parenthood–from a local’s perspective. 

What does 2017 have in store for us? At least one more full year of Shrelauter’s antics, that’s what!





4 thoughts on “Your 2016 Top 10 Yokel Posts!

  1. The Planned Parenthood link goes to the BOE beating piece.

    Thank you for doing this. It’s voices like yours that are going to help us all stand up to Trump nationally and his acolytes locally.

    Craig Tyler 240 357 8081



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