#kirbydelauter will kill your signs!!!

Sorry Creampuff. We know it's something new everyday.
Sorry Creampuff. We know it’s something new everyday.

In his grand tradition of posting his trangressions on social media, Kirby shared this today:



One shot one kill? What is that supposed to mean?  Oh, Kirby you really should close your account. Have you learned nothing from the whole hashtag incident? Or from your friend Blaine?  For your own good, shut your account down!

Is there a Yokel legal expert in the house who can explain the penalty if a current office holder were to be found stealing or destroying campaign signs?

Why didn’t the charter amendments on the ballot include one for recalls?

4 thoughts on “#kirbydelauter will kill your signs!!!

  1. This is from a story I wrote a few years back. I don’t believe the statute has changed.

    “Maryland has no specific law addressing campaign sign theft or vandalism, although general theft statutes include a misdemeanor charge for violators. A misdemeanor theft of an item valued at less than $100 can result in a fine of as much as $500 and 90 days in jail.”

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