Kirby is a winner winner chicken dinner

We’ve been trying to get some answers to questions about what the real rules are regarding campaign signs. It is surprisingly confusing, and varies a lot. If the signs were on Kirby’s Kar Kleaners’ property, then he may have been infringed upon. And everyone knows that when someone does something such as put a temporary sign on a stick on your land, the first thing you should do is be klassy with a k, and the second thing you should do is react in anger, and the third thing you should do is make an angry post to your Facebook wall where the Local Yokel is going to get hold of it and bust a gut pointing and laughing at how the same guy did the same kind of dumb thing. Again!!! It’s true! We find this funny, this inability to learn from one’s own mistakes.

At no point should you call someone and alert them to a potential problem. Then they may apologize for how egregiously you were wronged, make amends, and educate whomever may have been misinformed about where they may or may not place those hideous signs. Then you might live happily ever after without having “yer prawperty” besmirched by the names of qualified adults. That would just be ridiculous!

Here. Have an MVP award:


This is so much more fun than his dead horse talking points, because even if he is right!!!! (wouldn’t’ THAT be a gas) he is only shooting himself in the foot. And maybe it ricochets over to Cindy Rose’s foot, too, since she has a reputation for a short fuse and birds of a feather and whatnot. Such a shame.

Will you just look at that flock of birds…

An alert reader provided us with the final resting place of the unfortunate sign. As you can see, it was carefully relocated by a steward of the county’s natural resources.

Never one to be concerned with the environment.
Never one to be concerned with the environment.


EDIT: Oh, oops, per real journalist Katherine Heerbrandt:

Looks to us like Kirby’s just a hypocrite who threw away a sign he didn’t like and left one he did.


EDIT AGAIN: Kirby still says it’s his land. Like we said, this is all very unclear. But whatever. He still acted proud to be a giant man baby.


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