The case of the secret meeting

Ni hao! So a clue appeared in our inbox aujourd’hui. Let’s take a look. Vamanos. (We’re trying out all of the languages, in case we have to move after the election…j/k…ish). What were we saying, oh yes. Tomorrow, Thursday the Third of Noviembre Tony Chmelik is hosting a private meeting in Winchester Hall (no, it is not a campaign event for Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Comacho! Who do you think he is, Billy Shreve?).

It’s a roundtable to  discuss concerns raised by the winery/brewery/distillery industry about overregulation. Now far be it from your Local Yokels to begrudge these savvy business people the production of intoxicants, especially at this point in 2016, but this does sound a bit goofy. Why is this just for Tony and the brewers and vintners and distillers, but the county agencies who might be able to help out are seemingly not included or invited…

These meddlesome kids are just asking questions. Anyone (else) care to speculate wildly?

Achtung, bad hombres!


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