It wasn’t a challenge Billy!!


Your Lady Yokels have been sitting around the Old Yokel Headquarters pondering whether or not Billy has taken our critiques of his abominable behavior as a challenge to do worse. Maybe, just maybe, he reads our interpretation of what he does and thinks, “You think that’s bad, just wait until I put a bunch of Cub Scouts up on the dais of Winchester Hall and have them hold a Trump/Pence sign!” If that sounds awfully specific, that’s because that is a thing that actually happened. It’s all over Facebook, making the rounds on various pages. We hear that the National Council of Boy Scouts is very upset because this is a clear violation of their guidelines. And,we also have it on good authority that the County Attorney is now looking into whether or not Billy violated any laws. Shame on the scout leader for not being aware of Boy Scout policy. And double, no triple, shame on Billy for not knowing (or more realistically, not caring) that politicking is not allowed in Winchester Hall. Maybe it’s the influence of his hero Donald Trump that is making him lash out. Or maybe he’s just an obtuse ideologue that really doesn’t care about anything other than his Trump agenda. He certainly didn’t consider how this picture would affect the boys in that troop. So, Billy, you can judge beauty pageants like your hero, defend him on the radio by telling us to look at all the skyscrapers, but we here in Frederick County demand a little more from our leaders. Stop being terrible all the time, just stop!

Right this very second!
Right this very second!

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