10/4 Drinking Game

Please let this be quick! This agenda has several council decisions required…
If the regular stuff (Budget Adjustments, Minutes Approval, Appointments Confirmation) is done as is the usual custom, drink a Fast ‘N Furious. If Kirby takes time out to have a tantrum because the fire department’s needs present an opportunity to make a dimwitted point, make a Piece of Mind instead.


Not really. No.
Not really. No.

On the Third Reading Calendar the council must decide on the medical marijuana, nuisance noise enforcement, a clean energy bill for commercial property, and a procedure for enforcing county codes with fines. Sometimes the governing process has worked all the kinks out by the time the decision needs to be made, and sometimes at the final hour things get…kinky? No. Not that! All mucked up. Make your wagers on who what holds things up, and drink a Gamble to go with it.

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